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Create Art with Barry Thomas

American impressionist artist, Barry Thomas, gives you everything you need to develop your craft. Barry picks out elements from nature in order to create unique pieces of art. His art studio is full of creative and innovative lessons that are waiting for you to be a part of so that you can begin exploring your imagination and creating masterpieces.

The Studio

Founded in 2016, Barry Thomas Fine Art & Studio serves as a studio, classroom, and gallery for a community of artists and students alike. However, before the studio opened this 2000 square-foot space was once a bakery belonging to the Koehler Bakery Company since the 1940's. When the building was announced available, Barry decided he'd live his dream of owning a studio in Argenta and opened up Barry Thomas Fine Art & Studio. Since the space was once a place for people to start their mornings with coffee and warm baked goods, Barry wants to bring that same sentiment to his studio, opening its doors to the public as an outlet for creativity. 

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Artistic Values

Artists need a space to dream, to create, to inspire and to be inspired. At Barry Thomas Fine Art & Studio, we understand this; therefore, all artistic expression is allowed in this open space where people come and create their art freely. Barry believes everyone has an artist inside them, looking to express him or herself, and he wants to help you find your artistic voice. All ages and levels are welcome, so please stop by today! Studio classes support artists of any experience level to work side-by-side  in a friendly environment that encourages and inspires artistic growth.


711 Main St

North Little Rock, AR 72114 

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